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  1. Posted by AutumnDoodles, — Reply

    It’s a family tree, the parents birth years are at the top, with the persons (who has the tattoo) birth year under the heart, and their siblings, etc. off to the sides

  2. Posted by ceciliabedilia777, — Reply

    It's two parents bith years next to eachother. Under the heart is the year that got married, the arrows are their children

  3. Posted by kajolkajju, — Reply

    Please explain this tattoo. I didn't get it.

  4. Posted by joce9220073, — Reply

    It’s a cute tattoo but you would have to explain it every time Bc it’s confusing

  5. Posted by Maddypants16, — Reply

    Explanation? I love the idea but don’t understand.

  6. Posted by realsoftgirlshit, — Reply

    i dont get it

  7. Posted by COWBOY__666, — Reply

    This isn't adding up🤨

  8. Posted by eleanores0757, — Reply

    Uhhhh I don’t get it

  9. Posted by meggy1019, — Reply

    What I got from it was the 1953🖤1960 are the parents and the 82,87,90 are there children? So the 82,87,or 90 is probably the birth year of the person getting the tattoo. So the 82 is a teen mom/dad or close to that (22 y o having there first born) then the other child came along in 2017, 82 being 35 with there second born. Then 87 is the middle child with no kids. 90 had there first child in 2013 them being 23. I think this is the meaning behind the tattoo

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